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About Us

We at Windy Acres Farm in Kinross, IA raise show-quality, family friendly AKC and Scottish Collie Preservation Society registered Collies. We keep our Collie family small, so we can provide them loving care and interaction. We welcome prospective buyers to schedule a time to visit us and our Collies. We provide pups to companion and/or breeder/show homes.

Our Collies are all Normal-eyed Non-carriers of Collie Eye Anomaly and of Rod-cone dysplasia Type 2 - the common Collie eye problems so they neither have the problems or can pass them to their pups. They are all MDR1 N/N, so they do not have drug sensitivity to Ivermectin and many other drugs.  They are all Non-carriers of Degenerative Meyelopathy - a hindquarter paralysis in later life.  They are all Non-carriers of Cyclic Neutropenia (Grey Collie Syndrome - an Immune condition.)  They are at low risk for Dermatomyositis - an autoimmune disease of the skin and muscles.

Our Collies are farm raised - enjoying roaming our 8 1/2 acre SE Iowa farm and spending time indoors with us.

We are hoping for litter of puppies near the middle of February 2021 . All colors are possible in this litter.  Please let us know your color preferences.  Thank you  and God Bless.