Windy Acres Farm
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Our Laddy

Grand Duke Of Windy Acres

Whelped 9/5/2018

Sire:R-Star All Father Odin Has Tru-Vu; Dam Blue Planet K9 Jaxon Jewel

Non-carrier for 7 genetic conditions- not affected by them and can't pass them on to his pups:  Collie Eye Anomaly and Progressive Retinal Atrophy (RCD2)(Eye Problems); Degenerative Myelopathy (hindquarter paralysis late in life); Cyclic Neutropenia (Grey Collie Syndrome - Immune roblem); MDR1 Drug sensitivity; Von Willebrand Disease I and II(Blood and Clotting problem); and Hyperuricosuria (Urinary Tract issue).

Besides his stellar health qualifications, his White-factoring, Sable color and Merle gene make it possible for us to produce almost all the Collie colors with our present girls!!