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             December, 2021

               Absolutely the most responsible, knowledgeable, and accommodating dog and or animal

breeders I have dealt with in 30 years. They sent Collie health-specific tests to the Czech

Republic, as it was the only country administrating a particular collie genetic health test.

They gave me weekly updates with pics and videos of my puppy until I was able to pick her

up. And, lastly, when I met Mr. and Mrs. White they were highly informative, honest, and had

every worming date, vaccine date, and all information documented including an abundance

of material that was well beyond a breeder's responsibility. The puppy I purchased from the

Whites is not only stunningly gorgeous, but healthy, and she has a gentle yet quite keen-

sensed, which I imagine as a golden combination is difficult to breed.

Suffice it to say, dear reader, I am sure you can glean that if one is looking for their ideal

collie and a healthy one, with much guidance from Collie experts, do contact the Whites.

Enjoy your puppy!


    Alexis Faith     




Bob Ross(formerly Ash of the 6/29/2017 Duchess x Prince Litter 110 points earned at a UKC

Dog show in Peoria, IL March 15-17 2018 at 8 months of age!!  He needed one more win for a

Championship!! And He got it!!  He is likely to earn a Grand Championship yet this year!!




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Classic's On Clouds of Glory, AKA,Colonel, Son of Windy Acres Sienna Knight and Honey Tree Nectar Blossom Classic, see:,  won multiple Best of Breed winners, has garnered multiple group placements, along with his National and International Championships at the tender age of 10 Months!!!


Sally is another of Sienna's 7/21/09 litter with Peg Mile's Elle:
Samantha, our 10 year old daughter, was laying in the driveway two nights ago.  Sally, our almost 3 year old Collie, was licking her face and petting her head while whining.  This is the second time she has shown concern when Samantha has had low blood sugar (she is type 1 diabetic).  I am thinking it would not take much time to train her, but I don't seriously don't have the time. My point of the story, Thanks for a great family member, Peg!



M y S t o r y
by Midnight Trooper
I was born June 29, 2017 at Windy Acres Farm . I have 8 brothers and sisters , but I am the only one still living in Iowa. The others are happily living in their new homes. They are spread all over the USA and even in Canada. 
Up until a few weeks ago life on the farm was heaven on earth . We have a cat who we love to tease and we have lots of space to run and even have a pond to run around . One day our Mama Duchess discovered a raccoon among the cat tails at the edge of the pond and did we ever have an adventure !! 
But then everything changed. Sharon thought we pups were ready for more responsibility . Usually she and Mel put us on the porch when they drive in the driveway to keep us safe . This particular day she decided we were old enough to know how to stay away from the car . After all my year old half brother, Pomo knew to stay out of the way of cars. 
So Sharon opened the gate, drove in to the yard and closed the gate . So far so good. So she drove a little farther , but I got too close and the car rolled over me. I yelped really loud . Oh did it hurt !!! Sharon stopped as quick as she could and felt so bad that she had not put us on the porch like usual. She had to pull me out from under the car and before you knew it I ran as fast as I could to our Canine Cottage. I don't know how I was able to do that because I really hurt and I could not put any weight on my left front leg. 
Well, I am taking a long time to tell this story so I will condense it for you. Sharon took me to our vet and he took xrays. My left shoulder was broken in three places. No wonder I could not put any weight on that foot. They talked about putting my leg in a sling for 6 weeks or maybe even putting me sleep whatever that meant. But Sharon did not want to put me to sleep . I don't know why. At this point a long nap sounded really good to me. They finally decided to wrap my leg close to my body and see if my shoulder would heal on its own. So home we went . The vet sent pain medicine and antibiotic with me. Things seemed to be going well and I was doing fine walking on only 3 legs. But one day Sharon smelled something bad and discovered my leg was infected. So back to the vet we went. 
That was the day my life changed. They decided my leg had to come off. It was a sad day, but the doctor said many animals have had their leg amputated and do just fine. But I do wonder if anybody will want a 3 legged dog . I hope they know I haven't changed. I still like to run and play and be with people . And I still have good genes ( not good jeans ) . But time will tell . Maybe someone will want me to be a good Papa , or maybe some boy or girl needs this special needs dog. Sharon and Mel assure me that I have a home here as long as I need it. 
Oh and by the way , I have a new name. 
Sharon and Mel now call me Trooper as they say I am quite the trooper after all that happened to me. And guess what? A nice lady from Michigan said she would give me a home. There is one problem though. Sharon says my vet bill was over $800.00 so she needs to at least get that much for me. And she would love for me to go to a family that has a sweet canine friend where I could earn my keep by giving them some wonderful puppies. So time will tell if someone thinks I am as valuable as my present family thinks. I am doing great on 3 legs and all healed up from my surgery . So I am ready for independence any time now .
Things  have been pretty lively around  here at Windy Acres Farm.  My Mama Duchess had 9 puppies Valentines Week and that kept Sharon & Mel up more than one night.   But things have settled down .  The puppies will be 3 weeks on March.5th.  I wonder , was I ever that small?   Sharon says I was.  
It is March  2018  and I am 8 months old. I was beginning to think I had no future except for right here . It seemed like no one was interested in me, a 3 legged dog.  But last week three different people emailed Mel and said they wanted me.  WOW Just think, three people think I have something to offer them.   And the best news is a family with 8 children came to meet me on Saturday.    They have a pretty blond collie they want me to meet  and they want to study about me and collies in their homeschooling classes. I tried to be on my best behavior when they came to see me.  It was really scary when the Dad said, "Is there any one who thinks we should not take Trooper home with us?"    It was really quiet for awhile . Nobody said no and one of the children said they should take me home.  
Now I live in Oelwein, Iowa and I am having lots of new experiences.   It will take a while but I think I am up to it.   I am so glad somebody wanted me.  and just think someday I may be a papa .   Thanks for listening to my story.   And it did have a good ending didn't it or maybe I should say a good beginning with lots more to come !!!
We just received word that Trooper has sired his first litter with his mate, Ann!! in Septemeber 2018 




 Sharon and Mel White are truly amazing breeders.  It was obvious from my first contact with them via e-mail, that they were quality, caring people.  From my initial communication with them to meeting the puppies, they were professional and well experienced with the care of Collies.  Their farm is amazing, and their dogs are stunning.  It was so hard to decide which pups to bring home, as they were all perfect.  Jasmine (Ashley) and Cerise (Sasha) were the final choice, and have settled in quite nicely in their new home.  They get along great with our other Sheltie, our teenage son and 8 year old daughter.  With their pleasant disposition, they are extremely well socialised.  Amazingly, we've only had one accident in the house.  as they came from a farm, they are fully aware that "outside" is the place to do their business, and I am in shock that after two days, they seem to have it down.  We couldn't be more plaesed with the pups, with Sharon and Mel and with Windy Acres Farm.  I highly recommend them and their puppies.